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Talking Back Living History (TBLH) is a 501(c)(3) Texas-based organization that provides educational programs, special attractions and local and state travel packages for cultural and heritage tourism.  TBLH has been a cooperative venture with Sam Houston Museum on the campus of Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas since 1999. We specialize in interpretive history programs and tours that celebrate the diversity of Texas history with emphasis on the contributions of African Americans.  TBLH is the parent company of the Texas Center for African American Living History.

April 12-17, 2004
Casa De La Cultura - Community Residency
Del Rio, TX
July, 2005
National Freedom Center - Interpretation
Cincinnati, OH
July, 2005
BTW Reunion - On the Battlefield: Willie Faye Battle Story
Wichita Falls, TX
July, 2005
International Teacher Training Institute
Guadalajara, Mex
September, 2005
Assoc. for the Study of Af. Amer Life and History Nat’l Conf
Pittsburgh, PA
February, 2006
IRS – Black History Observance
Houston, TX
February, 2006
San Jacinto County Historical Commission
Coldspring, TX
June 11-14, 2006
Southwest Vistas Institute: "The Border in American History"
El Paso, TX
June 21, 2006
IRS Diversity Workshop
Houston, TX
August 8 - 14, 2006
ALARA Conference
Veracruz, Mexico
September 2 -4, 2006
Adept New American Museum @ Brainerd Institute
Austin, TX
September 2 -4, 2006
Adept New American Museum @ Brainerd Institute
Chester, SC
Sept 26 - Oct 1, 2006
ASALH Conference
Atlanta, GA
March 8, 2007
Children’s Museum - St. James School, Disney’s Aladdin
Houston, TX
March 17, 2007
The Griot Society at Lonnie Smith Public Library
Houston, TX
March 31, 2007
National Council Negro Women, Civil Rights FilmFest
Huntsville, TX
April 5, 2007
Pre-Civil War Reenactment for Cuero and Lavaca ISD’s
Cuero, TX
May 15 - 17, 2007
St. James School, Godspell musical, New St. James Church
May 24, 2007
St. James School SpringFest
June 16, 2007
"Jumpin Juba," Juneteenth Celebration at Stringfellow Estate
Hitchcock, TX
June 20 - 24, 2007
International Trade Mission 
Belize, C. America
June 29, 2007
"Buffalo Hair" performance
Fort Clark, TX
July 1, 2007
"Buffalo Hair" performance at Miller Outdoor Theater
Houston, TX
July 14, 2007
Bogalusa Creole Family Reunion
Lake Charles, LA
August 9 - 12, 2007
Mitchell Family Reunion
Wichita Falls, TX
November, 2007
Ghana, W. Africa
November 18-22, 2007
Belize Creole Museum
Belize, C. America
December 6, 2007
Interpretation Workshop for River Road AA Museum
Donaldsonville, LA
Dec 17 - 19
St. James School Christmas Festival
Houston, TX
January 21, 2008
Martin Luther King Holiday Parade
Houston, TX
February 1, 2008
U of Houston - Tri-County Black Chamber of Commerce
Houston, TX
February 2, 2008
Houston International Festival Texas Southern U. Workshop
Houston, TX
February 2, 2008
Mardi Gras Parade
Galveston, TX
February 13, 2008
Central Texas University, "I am Annie Mae" Musical
Killeen, TX
February 29, 2008
TexFest Plans unveiled for Tri-County Chamber of Commerce
2008 Plan of Work at University of Houston
Houston, TX
February 29, 2008
KPFT Roundtable for Houston International Festival
Houston, TX
March 1, 2008
Interpretation Workshop for Houston Ifest at TSU
Houston, TX
March 20 - 23, 2008
Lavaca County research for Texas History Project
Lavaca County, TX
March 27, 2008
Filming of “L’il Slave for Sale” for Channel 13 Ifest Promo
Houston, TX
April 16, 2008
KUHF Radio Top Shelf for Arts Programming
Houston, TX
April 19, 20, 26, 27, 2008
Houston International Festival
Houston, TX
April 18 - 27, 2008
"African Civilizations to 1900" - Exhibit Research by N. Carrier
Houston, TX
May 9 -10, 2008
St. James School performance of The Wiz
Houston, TX
May 2, 3, 4, 2008
Sam Houston Folk Festival
Huntsville, TX
June 2, 2008
St. James School Summer Workshop
Houston, TX
June 9 - 30, 2008
Oak Village Middle School, NFISD, Summer Tutorials
Houston, TX
June 19, 2008
International Trade Conference for Commerce with Angola
Houston, TX
June 25 - July 1, 2008
Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Official Visitors)
Washington, DC
July 16-17, 2008
St. Thomas University Teacher Education Workshop
Houston, TX
August 16, 2008
Texas Education Agency SES Workshop
Austin, TX
August 20-22, 2009
Association of African American Museums Conf, Presentation
Baton Rouge, LA
November 16, 2009
Marshall Arts Council – Marshall ISD
Marshall, TX
March 20, 2010
International Herb Festival Tour designed for Bluebonnet Garden Club
Round Top, TX
October 7, 2010
University of Houston, Bauer College Leadership Presentation
Houston, TX
October 16-17, 2010
Texas Book Festival – Two children’s workshops and Book Review for Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center
Austin, TX
October 27-30, 2010
National Trust for Historic Preservation – Texas Scholar
Austin, TX

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