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"Blues Workshop"


"I Am Annie Mae: The Story of a Black Texas Woman," 
An award winning musical that details the story of Washington County-born Annie Mae Hunt who recalls 120 years of her family's history. Student version available. 

Sesame Street Singsong 
3-5 year olds will leave singing after attending this wonderful workshop of children's favorite songs mixed with stories.

"My Folks Ain't No Slow Pokes" 
Stories not just for black folks, but for all folks. Stories from the mouths of legendary heroes like, Ananse, Brer Rabbit, and High John the Conqueror. Stories which reveal the unwavering, unflinching, unbeatable spirit we call "soul." 

"Fugitives of Passion: On the Underground Railroad 
In Montgomery County, 1845" is about two runaways, Cujo and Hannah, who live on different plantations and desperately want to get married but neither master will sell to the other. 

"Jumpin Juba" 
Uncle Bubba’s spirited fiddle music provides a backdrop for the lively wedding recreated here, as does the prayer and praise of Brothuh Solomon.